Freedom of Time

The most empowering freedom an entrepreneur has is freedom of time. This means having the freedom to control your own time, activities, and opportunities.


As an entrepreneur, you likely feel the clock ticking continuously. The single most valuable resource you have is also the only one you can't buy more of - or can you?

When Strategic Coach ® client Guy Belliveau implemented The Entrepreneurial Time System ®, he experienced a dramatic drop in the number of hours he was working, yet his revenue went up
Guy shares his success here.

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Freedom of Time

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to actually choose how you use your time. This Freedom of Time is most empowering freedom an entrepreneur can have. It means you can control not only your own time, but your activities as well as your opportunities.

How do you gain more of this freedom? You start by thinking differently about time itself.

The Entrepreneurial Time System®

The Entrepreneurial Time System - the Strategic Coach® time system - is designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

It's made up of three types of days, each with a distinct purpose: Free Days ™ for rejuvenation, Focus Days ™ for your top money-making activities, and Buffer Days ™ for preparation. Perhaps surprisingly - it all starts with Free Days.

Work less and make more?

Yes, because scheduling and taking Free Days off your calendar first means you're always rejuvenated and fresh, which in turn, makes you more creative, productive, and confident. It also means you'll have fewer days left to get things done, so you'll naturally have to be more productive on your Focus and Buffer Days.

In this way, taking Free Days is the first step to increasing your income because great Free Days lead to great Focus Days, where you're at your peak when you need to be. Buffer Days are the essential "backstage"preparation days that make Free Days more free and your Focus Days more focused.




Success Story:

When Guy Belliveau joined the Strategic Coach® Program he was working close to 90 hours a week. Using Strategic Coach® tools and concepts, he now has further time with his family and is focused on his business more than ever.

In Guy's words ...

"Strategic Coach is an investment that you get back four-fold. You gain more control over your future, your business, and most important, you gain control over your personal life. I think that's the most valuable thing the Program has brought me. It's helped me go from working 80 to 90 hours a week to working 40 to 50 hours a week. I'm more focused, have more free time with my family, and have experienced an increase in my revenue while working less."

Guy Belliveau
Teska Benefits Inc.