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How to work less, make more, and do what you love.

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Webinar Summary

You weren’t cut out for the limitations of a corporate life. Driven by opportunity, autonomy, freedom, the desire to make a difference, and the need to do things differently, your entrepreneurial career was born.

But is it living up to all your dreams and aspirations? Or is it stealing your weekends, your family time, your health, or your happiness? Are you feeling like you’ve hit a growth plateau, working longer and harder with the same results? Does that make you wonder how you can possibly get to the next level? Then it’s time for the plot twist in your entrepreneurial story.

It’s time you got ALL the freedom in life that you want AND deserve. Join this webinar so you can discover:


How to manage your time and attention so you’re working when you want and taking time away from the business too!


Some simple money-making strategies you can use to earn more income so you can enjoy the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having.


How you can do what you love — continually doing more and more of what fascinates and motivates you — and build your business around that.

About Lynda Buwalda

Lynda has spent her entire professional career working for and with entrepreneurs. She knows what makes them tick. As a writer, speaker, and marketer, her goal is to arm business owners with the tools, resources, and knowledge they can use to grow and thrive as successful entrepreneurs. Lynda is the lead content strategist for Strategic Coach, working closely with founder and coach, Dan Sullivan, to share his wisdom with entrepreneurs worldwide.

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