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How To Boost Confidence And Achieve Any Goal

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The Confidence Booster Bundle: Learn how to strengthen and keep your confidence high—the essential entrepreneurial skill.


Confidence is key to the success of any entrepreneur. The books in this Confidence Booster Bundle* are three of our most popular resources for a reason: Each of them provides context, plus a practical mindset, exercise, or process you can adopt to always keep your confidence at its peak.

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If you purchase today using the promo code WEBINAR, you’ll also receive:

The Confidence Checklist: A simple exercise to rate your confidence in 15 specific confidence-boosting habit areas, and then create some quick improvement actions.

How The Best Get Better®: One of our bestselling books by Dan Sullivan, it presents some of the biggest and best strategies from The Strategic Coach® Program.

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*Included in The Confidence Booster Bundle:

The 4 C’s Formula introduces Dan Sullivan’s 4-step process that boosts your confidence to take advantage of opportunities you see around you. It’s how every breakthrough happens and how everyone, everywhere grows.

The Gratitude Principle presents Dan’s fundamental belief that we can achieve endless progress and success in life as long as we’re grateful along the way. Gratitude is a skill that can be learned, a success habit you count on. A lack of it is one of the biggest obstacles to personal progress.

Successful people have successful habits. The 21-Day Positive Focus® is a strategy direct from The Strategic Coach Program that’s designed to create and continually strengthen a confidence habit. Use it personally and with team members, colleagues, family, and friends for results you’ll begin to see almost immediately.


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