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10x Your Business With These 4 Guides & Worksheets

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4 Guides & Worksheets To Help You Set & Achieve Your Personal & Business Goals

These four resources will completely transform your thinking, allowing you to grow as an entrepreneur by achieving bigger and better goals!

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The Positive Focus®

Start with The Positive Focus, a simple and powerful tool to reinforce and protect your personal confidence. Use this exercise to look back and celebrate all you've accomplished, and then use that knowledge to set bigger and better goals for yourself and your business. With confidence and positivity as your foundation, anything is possible.

The Strategic Goal Tracker

Having big dreams is part of what's made you as successful as you are. Now, turn your biggest ideas into achievable goals. Use The Strategic Goal Tracker to focus on what's most important right now, and outline your yearly goals and quarterly priorities. This is what will keep you moving forward.

Strategic Goal Tracker Cover
Impact Filter Cover

The Impact Filter

Before you move forward on any goal, get totally clear and focused on exactly what you want to have happen. Use The Impact Filter (Dan Sullivan's #1 tool) to sketch out your goals and get really clear on what you want to achieve before you share it with others.

The 4 C’s Formula

Keep moving forward regardless of the fear or obstacles that are standing in your way. The 4 C’s Formula® is a simple process that entrepreneurs can follow to be constantly progressing toward their biggest goals and 10x breakthroughs. It works anytime (and every time) you need to take action but aren’t feeling certain or confident about how to move forward.

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10x Your Business With These 4 Guides & Worksheets

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