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The 80% Approach

Please enjoy a free copy of The 80% Approach. In this book, Dan Sullivan, founder and president of Strategic Coach® and creator of the Strategic Coach® Program, presents a remarkably simple concept and method that, if mastered, will effectively eliminate all perfectionism and procrastination in your life on a continual basis.

The human brain is capable of extraordinary creativity and inventiveness. At the same time, it can work against itself in ways that leave many people feeling chronically guilty and dissatisfied in spite of living in a world of great achievements. With seemingly everything in the world to be optimistic about, many people are frustrated and non-productive throughout much of their lives due to the paralysis of perfectionism and procrastination that can affect all of us.

In this book, you’ll learn why 80% achievers outperform perfectionists and what getting the first 80% done as quickly as possible will mean to you and your team.

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