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Self-scoring is a great way to get a clear sense of where you currently are and where you'd like to go moving forward. You might not have thought of certain attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors as quantifiable, but the truth is that we're scoring ourselves and others all the time—just not consciously. With The Self-Managing Company Scorecard, this scoring is made conscious, and anything can be measurable. 

Completing the scorecard:
When reading through the statements for each of the eight mindsets, make sure to evaluate yourself truthfully. The more honest you are with yourself, the more accurately and efficiently you can set goals and make improvements.

  1. For each mindset, pick the number that best represents where you currently are in your business.
  2. Then, choose the number that represents where you’d like to be 90 days from now (or at some point in the future that works for you and your goals). 
  3. Write down any insights you’ve gained as a result of reading the statements and scoring yourself, as well as first actions you’d like to take.