Game Changer:
The Dan Sullivan Story

First, he changed his own game. Then, he created a process around his experience so the 18,000+ entrepreneurs he has worked with could change theirs. Changing lives is no small feat, but for Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach® Program, this game-changer movement is just beginning.


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Get Dan Sullivan’s Game Changer book and audio interview, and see how you score on his Game Changer Scorecard.

The Game Changer is Dan’s blueprint of entrepreneurial mindsets, strategies, and actions required for an entrepreneur to become the game changer who transforms their industry.

"Dan is so much more than a coach. Having his direction will literally change the way you look at your business and everything you do."

Donald Barden

The Perfect Plan/3Ci
Atlanta, GA
"Dan deconstructs this complex animal called entrepreneurship and makes it so simple for you. All of the wisdom he gives you is actionable."

Ninad Tipnis

JTCPL Designs
Mumbai, India