Game Changer:
The Dan Sullivan Story

First, he changed his own game. Then, he created a process around his experience so the 18,000+ entrepreneurs he has worked with could change theirs. Changing lives is no small feat, but for Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach® Program, this game-changer movement is just beginning.


Dan Sullivan has changed the games and lives of successful entrepreneurs around the globe. Gain unlimited access to this inspiring can-do documentary and join the movement.


"After watching the Game Changer movie, I have a huge sense of gratitude for being a part of the Coach community. Dan and Babs are making a massive contribution to the world! I sent the movie to my wife and kids to show them why I am a part of Strategic Coach and to help them understand how this is making our lives better."

Ash Vora

Equilius Limited
London, UK
"Watching this film was inspirational! It was a good reminder of just how unique this community is in the world and a true testament to why I've been coming to Coach for over 17 years. It has been a lifesaver for me. I wouldn't be where I am today without Strategic Coach."

Tim Thackrah

London, UK