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How To Set And Achieve Goals To Create A Bigger Future

About The Webinar

Are you a growth-focused entrepreneur whose life is always about reaching beyond where you are now?

Join Lynda Buwalda as she takes you through a proprietary 3-step formula you can use to accomplish your biggest goals and achieve the future you want to live. 

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Duration: 1 hour

You’ll Learn:


The key reason entrepreneurs don’t move forward on their goals and what holds them back from success.


The Bigger Future Formula: A three-step process designed to guide your thinking and intention in tackling goals, big or small.


Tricks, tips, and check-ins to help you build your “future-focused capability”—the ability to continually develop new knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits.

Picture of Lynda Buwalda

About Lynda Buwalda

Lynda has spent her entire professional career working for and with entrepreneurs. She knows what makes them tick. As a writer, speaker, and marketer, her goal is to arm business owners with the tools, resources, and knowledge they can use to grow and thrive as successful entrepreneurs. Lynda is the lead content strategist for Strategic Coach, working closely with founder and coach Dan Sullivan to share his wisdom with entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Duration: 1 hour

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