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10x Vision Mapping:
The Entrepreneur’s Secret To Thriving In 2023

Put your business on the path to its best year yet
by joining us for some dedicated time to get clear and focused on 2023 with our newest free webinar.

About The Webinar

Do you want 2023 to be the year you take your business to that next level, but find yourself stuck and feeling like you don’t quite know how to get there?

If so, then you might need to revisit your vision. Because having a clear vision is important, but having a BIG vision, bigger than anything you’ve ever thought possible—that’s the secret to exponential success in both your business and in your life.

Our newest webinar was designed to help.

In the course of this live 60-minute session, coach Kristi Chambers will take you through Strategic Coach’s “10x vision mapping” process so you can build full clarity on where you want to go and grow in 2023.

You’ll also:


Find out why a big vision is an entrepreneur’s secret weapon (and how you can leverage yours—as well as a handful of other tools, concepts, and systems—to take your business to the next level).


Get a look at what’s possible when you have complete freedom and control over your business and life.


Go “behind the curtain” to see how the world’s top entrepreneurs think about their visions and use them to make plans that transform their businesses and their lives.

About Kristi Chambers

Kristi Chambers has been coaching entrepreneurs and their teams since 2001. In her role as Program Advisor, she utilizes her experience and knowledge of Coach concepts and tools to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, align their teams, achieve breakthroughs, and reach their goals. Kristi is a PRINT® and Kolbe Certified Consultant, and coaches The Team Tools® Programs, The Team Leader Program, and The Onsite Advantage Workshops. She loves bridging the gap of knowledge between entrepreneurs and team members and helping them create an environment where everyone can grow to their full potential.

Here’s what our clients are saying about The Strategic Coach® Program:

“Strategic Coach has the tools and systems to help you get through the issues that we [entrepreneurs] all struggle with every single day, whether you’re a $200,000 company or a $200 million company.”
Parker Carroll, TREK Investment Group

“Strategic Coach tools are the best hacks for problem solving, goal setting, and getting ‘unstuck.’”
Bill Burgess, The Burgess Company

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