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The Secret To Consistent Cash Flow

About The Webinar

When you decided to be an entrepreneur, you took 100 percent responsibility for your own financial welfare. It’s your way of life. But if your way of making money as an entrepreneur is unpredictable and anxiety-inducing, then it’s more like a life sentence.

In this webinar, Paul Hamilton will show you how to build a cash-confident system by creating unique value for your best clients and customers.

Get a taste of powerful Strategic Coach® strategies and an hour of practical, focused thinking and conversation.

During this live webinar, you’ll:


Find out how to free yourself from unpredictability and anxiety in your moneymaking.


Discover that you can cross over a line where cash flow becomes certain and the model you’ve created continually improves.


Learn how to get to a point where you become totally confident that your cash flow will always be predictable—regardless of how the world outside your company changes.

About Paul Hamilton

Paul knows how to make things happen in an entrepreneurial organization. In addition to leading the company’s marketing team, he works closely with Strategic Coach® owners Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith to take their ideas through to completion. Paul loves speaking to entrepreneurs and always aims to give his audience the full Strategic Coach experience. “Even if we’re just together for an hour, I want everyone to have some real ‘aha!’ moments – a shift in their thinking that helps them see how they can go further.”

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