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Want to gain control over how you organize your time and achieve complete balance?

About The Webinar

In this one-hour webinar, Paul Hamilton will give you proven tools and strategies that will focus your working hours on accomplishing the things you love doing and seeing your business steadily grow, all while having the time to live a full life pursuing your other interests.

You’ll learn:


What “Freedom of Time” means and how it’s essential to growing your business and achieving work-life balance.


How to organize your time in a way that frees you up to complete everything you need to do—and enjoy doing it.


How to simplify and become clearer on your decisions, actions, and communication.

About Paul Hamilton

Paul knows how to make things happen in an entrepreneurial organization. In addition to leading the company’s marketing team, he works closely with Strategic Coach® owners Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith to take their ideas through to completion. Paul loves speaking to entrepreneurs and always aims to give his audience the full Strategic Coach experience. “Even if we’re just together for an hour, I want everyone to have some real ‘aha!’ moments—a shift in their thinking that helps them see how they can go further.”

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