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The Time Breakthrough

About The Webinar

Most people work in a bureaucratic time system where every day is more or less the same and the focus is on time and effort rather than results. But entrepreneurs require a different way of managing their time that allows them to be results-focused and creative.

In this one-hour webinar, Kristi Chambers will take you through Dan Sullivan’s Entrepreneurial Time System®—a breakthrough way of organizing your time to be more productive as well as more rejuvenated.

During this live webinar, you’ll learn how to:


Organize your time into Free Days, Focus Days, and Buffer Days.


Be more productive, creative, and rejuvenated—without needing any more time than you’ve already got.


Improve the quantity and quality of your free time.

About Kristi Chambers

Kristi Chambers has been coaching entrepreneurs and their teams since 2001. In her role as Program Advisor, she utilizes her experience and knowledge of Coach concepts and tools to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, align their teams, achieve breakthroughs, and reach their goals. Kristi is a PRINT® and Kolbe Certified Consultant, and coaches The Team Tools® Programs, The Team Leader Program, and The Onsite Advantage Workshops. She loves bridging the gap of knowledge between entrepreneurs and team members and helping them create an environment where everyone can grow to their full potential.

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