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Deliver Unique Value To Your Clientele

About The Webinar

Regardless of what’s happening to the world around us, the best thing any entrepreneur can do is focus on how they create value for their clients and customers. When you focus on improving your value creation system, you’re able to provide the kind of leadership and direction that enhances your relationships, builds confidence, and engenders loyalty.

Join Paul Hamilton for a one-hour webinar where he’ll take you through The Value Creation Focuser exercise to help you pinpoint how your business creates value and the areas where you can improve your consistency and innovation.

During this live webinar, you’ll learn how to:


Use your Unique Ability® to systematically and consistently create value for your clients and customers.


Escape commoditization by innovating, capturing your best opportunities, and maximizing your greatest strengths.


Use The Value Creation Focuser tool to get clear on how you and your business deliver unique value and the first three actions you can take to move forward.

About Paul Hamilton

Paul knows how to make things happen in an entrepreneurial organization. In addition to leading the company’s marketing team, he works closely with Strategic Coach® owners Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith to take their ideas through to completion. Paul loves speaking to entrepreneurs and always aims to give his audience the full Strategic Coach experience. “Even if we’re just together for an hour, I want everyone to have some real ‘aha!’ moments – a shift in their thinking that helps them see how they can go further.”

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