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8 Strategies For Business Growth

About The Webinar

In this webinar, Clara Illson will take you through eight core mindsets that, together, will keep you on track toward creating a Self-Managing Company®.

Using a Mindset Scorecard, you’ll determine where your thinking currently falls and how you can improve it. Once you’ve established a Self-Managing Company®, not only will your company grow even when you’re not there, it will grow more as you become more freed up.

You’ll learn:


How to get clear about your next biggest opportunity for growth.


The areas of your business where you can create delegation and automation.


What you’re doing in your business right now that’s holding you back.


Exciting new ideas to act on immediately.

About Clara Illson

Through her role as an Account Executive with Strategic Coach, Clara understands the complicated lives of entrepreneurs. She has spoken with hundreds of business owners about their goals, their challenges, and their visions for a bigger future. As someone who has personally benefited from The Strategic Coach Program, Clara is driven to bring more joy and freedom into the lives of entrepreneurs and their families.

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