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How To Create A Self-Managing Company®

Exclusive event for Entrepreneurs - Orlando

Join us for an intimate, entrepreneurs-only event designed to give you access to the tools, resources, and thinking that can take your business to new levels of success.

Invest one hour to learn some of the key strategies that over 18,000 top entrepreneurs have used to grow their businesses exponentially — while still having a full life outside of work.

This is a complimentary workshop presentation and lunch exclusively for business owners hosted by entrepreneurial speaker and coach, Paulette Sopoci. The only criteria to attend:

  • You’re the owner of an established business that you’re passionate about growing.
  • You have a minimum personal income of $200,000 a year.

Come join us on February 12, 2019, and get a taste of what Strategic Coach® is all about!


Every entrepreneur has freedom over their time, money, relationships, and purpose. The problem is that their time is too fragmented and unfocused to take advantage. Learn how a strategic focus on these four areas can help you achieve your biggest goals in life, while being free to do it your way.

Build a company that frees you up to do only what you do best and what generates your best results. Not only does the business grow when you’re not there, it actually grows faster, the more you become freed up to focus on what you love doing —which, not coincidentally, is what actually brings money into the business.

The real game changers in an entrepreneurial business: one, your biggest opportunity for growth; two, what you can delegate (or automate) and to whom; and, three, what you’re doing in your business right now that’s holding you back.

Don’t miss out on the fresh perspective a new approach can bring.

You’ll leave the presentation with new insights in all these areas and be more clear about the first steps to playing a bigger, better game that’s a lot more rewarding and fun.

Event Speaker

Paulette Sopoci has a talent for asking questions that make people think about their future and how they might reach their highest goals.

Paulette has engaged in thousands of hours of conversation with highly successful business owners from a wide range of industries about their challenges and opportunities. As a result, few people know entrepreneurs like Paulette does.