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The ABC Model Breakthrough

Below, you’ll find audios, videos, and a PDF download to support and deepen your understanding of The ABC Model Breakthrough concept.


In this audio interview, Dan Sullivan and Entrepreneurial Team Strategist Shannon Waller discuss The ABC Model Breakthrough, providing additional insights and commentary on the topics and ideas in the book.


Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller discuss the highlights from the book The ABC Model Breakthrough in the five videos below.


Download The ABC Model Breakthrough Scorecard below to score yourself according to the eight mindsets discussed in this book. Read through the four statements for each mindset and give yourself a score of 1 to 12 based on where your own mindset falls on the spectrum. Put each mindset’s score in the first column at the right, and then add up all eight and put the total at the bottom. Now, think about what scores would represent progress over the next quarter. Write these in the second scoring column, add them up, and write in the total.

When you compare the two scores, you can see where you want to go in terms of your achievements and ambitions.

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