As an entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot on your plate—a team to manage, clients to acquire, finances to organize, fires to put out. But how many of the tasks that take up your time leave you feeling drained? And how many hold you back from focusing on the parts of your business that really matter?

At Strategic Coach®, we—and the more than 20,000 business owners who’ve participated in our program—believe that entrepreneurs should be spending 99% of their working hours within their set of natural talents and passions. In other words, within what we call their Unique Ability®. By discovering what you’re best at and most love to do, and freeing yourself up to focus only on those activities, you become more productive, energized, and creative, and your business grows.

Looking for support and guidance in uncovering your own Unique Ability?

Find out where you should be spending 99% of your working time with Strategic Coach’s free Uncover Your Unique Ability® & Maximize Your Business Bundle

Unique Ability Bundle

Here’s a look at what you’ll find inside:

The Beginner’s Guide to Unique Ability

Discover Your Purpose

The Unique Ability® Mindset Scorecard & A Beginner’s Guide to Unique Ability®

Use our scorecard to find out exactly where you stand with your Unique Ability mindset today—and how you can grow it in the future.

Then, follow the four simple steps outlined in A Beginner’s Guide to uncover exactly what makes you shine so you can be the very best version of yourself every single day.

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Simplify Your Activities

The ABC Model Breakthrough Book & Scorecard

Once you’ve discovered your Unique Ability, unlock our simple ABC process for shifting your time into it.

Shed those unwanted, irritating, and boring activities that drain your energy with the help of this guide that will give you the full how-to!

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The ABC Model Breakthrough Book
Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To? Companion Guide

Strategize Your Game Plan

Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To? Book & Guide

Further strengthen the presence of your Unique Ability in your life by answering one simple question: “Who do you want to be a hero to?”

With this question (and the accompanying guide), you’ll learn how to define your purpose in life by identifying your true audience and how you create value for them. You’ll be in a unique position to help them grow their capabilities—and grow your own too.

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Focus Your Teamwork

The Impact Filter Thinking Tool & Guide

Strategic Coach founder and legendary entrepreneur Dan Sullivan never starts a new project or meeting without an Impact Filter—and neither should you!

With The Impact Filter, you have a quick tool that helps you stay focused on your Unique Ability and the impact you want to have in whatever you take on (plus, improve your teamwork, communication, and results).

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The Impact Filter Thinking Tool & Guide

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Make sure you’re maximizing your time. And your business. Uncover the power of your Unique Ability today.