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Avoid Growth Plateaus With 3 Game-Changing Strategies

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Using Who Not How To Leverage Teamwork In Your Business

The Who Not How framework — your secret to 10x growth (in productivity, impact, free time, and more!)

As an entrepreneur, do you ever get the feeling that you’re working all the time, on all the parts of your business ...

... but that you’ve hit a ceiling and are feeling a bit stuck on how to grow to reach your 10x growth potential?

If so, we want to introduce you to one of Strategic Coach’s most transformative concepts to date: Who Not How.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have turned to Who Not How to leverage teamwork and escape their growth plateaus and overwhelm.

To learn more about this game-changing concept and see how you could implement it in your business, be sure to join us for our upcoming webinar.

Make the impossible possible in your business (and in life!) with Who Not How. Watch the webinar replay to see how.

A closer look at what you’ll learn inside this actionable, 60-minute webinar:

  1. A quick overview of Who Not How—the transformational concept that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs accelerate their teamwork to build burnout-free businesses and achieve guilt-free personal freedom.
  2. Real-world Who Not How implementation strategies you can use to unlock limitless possibility in your business and life.
  3. Additional tips and tricks to master delegation (and thus create the space you need for 10x growth).
  4. A quick, impactful exercise you can do to determine exactly where you should (and shouldn’t!) be spending time in your business.

About Maureen Sullivan Garrelts

An entrepreneurial growth expert, Maureen Sullivan Garrelts has over 25 years of experience guiding business owners to big, transformative futures. Drawing from a rich background of entrepreneurial leadership, coaching, and one-on-one support, Maureen offers a unique blend of expertise and applicable wisdom. She is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and their organizations to unlock their full potential and is dedicated to helping them thrive.

“Entrepreneurs are trailblazers—creating something from nothing, seizing the moment, fighting on through tough times, reinventing themselves, and creating value in the world. I have so much respect for what they do.”

Here’s what our clients are saying about The Strategic Coach® Program:

I’ve been in Strategic Coach for 15 years, and I think Who Not How is one of the most important concepts Dan Sullivan has ever come up with.

Ted Kerr, Touchstone Capital

Strategic Coach has the tools and systems to help you get through the issues that we [entrepreneurs] all struggle with every single day, whether you’re a $200,000 company or a $200 million company.

Parker Carroll, TREK Investment Group