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Mindsets, Ideas, And Actions For The New Year

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Master Three Essential Strategies For Success In 2024

About The Webinar

Are you an entrepreneur racing toward the year's end, fueled by the momentum of all you’ve accomplished, excited for what’s ahead, and rolling into 2024 at the same pace you’ve been going at all year?

If so, then you’re a lot like the other entrepreneurs around you. But it also means that your continual pursuit of ongoing success often leaves little room for personal grounding.

As the driving force behind your business, you need to keep looking forward to be a guide and vision for your company because so many others rely on you for confidence, inspiration, and direction.

But that relentless pace can lead to burnout and missed opportunities.

So, to differentiate your approach, the most important thing you can do right now is slow down, reflect, and harness the power of your past year, so that you can kick-start 2024 with clarity, confidence, and a competitive advantage!

Our newest webinar is designed to share the three essential strategies ANY business owner can use to strengthen their confidence. It’s your opportunity to enter the new year with renewed clarity that will set you apart from most other business owners.

In the course of this live, 60-minute session, Kristi Chambers will coach you through the mindsets, ideas, and actions that will boost your confidence going into the new year.

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Duration: 1 hour

You’ll also:

  1. Learn game-changing concepts to support your personal confidence so that you’re balanced, focused, and prepared for the year ahead.
  2. Discover the key mindset shift that’s needed so that you’re continually focused on growth and opportunity no matter what else is going on in the world.
  3. Uncover the biggest areas of focus for you right now that will lead to even bigger success in 2024.

About Kristi Chambers

Kristi Chambers has been a key member of Strategic Coach® for over 20 years. In her role as Program Advisor, she connects with and coaches over 300 entrepreneurs each quarter, helping them take the transformative personal and professional vision they establish in their workshops and use it to grow their businesses, achieve breakthroughs, and consistently reach their entrepreneurial goals.

With an entrepreneur husband and two sons, Kristi is excited about the future, both for her family and those she helps through Strategic Coach. As she puts it, “With the tools to think things through and the environment Strategic Coach provides, anything you want to do can happen—faster than you think!”

Here’s what our clients are saying about The Strategic Coach® Program:

Strategic Coach has helped position me and my business so that we’re better prepared for unforeseeable events. It has equipped me with the tools and confidence to automatically focus on the positives in any given situation and find solutions quickly.

Guy Remond, Sky Blue Consulting

Strategic Coach has the tools and systems to help you get through the issues that we [entrepreneurs] all struggle with every single day, whether you’re a $200,000 company or a $200 million company.

Parker Carroll, TREK Investment Group